Guide to the Decor Art Galleries

If you find yourself in Studio City, California, The Decor Art Galleries needs to be on your list of top places to visit. Whether you are an art lover, history buff, or movie and television fan, you will thoroughly enjoy your visit to The Decor Art Galleries. The Decor Art Galleries has thousands of unique photographs highlighting some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. The Decor Art Galleries is one of the most fun places to visit in Studio City and is rich with history, culture, and vintage art.

The History of The Décor Art Galleries

In 1994, the Décor Art Galleries were established in Studio City, California, to exhibit historic Hollywood images from the Bison Archives.

The Bison Archives photo collection is dedicated to the history of the American film and television industry. From pictures of movie studios to candid shots of movie stars and celebrities, Bison Archives has some of the most unusual images ever published in major publications, newspapers, and films all over the world.

What to See at The Décor Art Galleries

Thousands of images from the Décor Art Galleries tell a different tale of Hollywood’s glitz and glamor. The most beautiful and authentic Hollywood images have been collected in this collection. It features the finest group of historic pictures of Hollywood, including famous celebrities, artists, musicians, and filmmakers. The gallery features Studio City’s architecture and several behind-the-scenes photographs. The Decor Art Gallery really gives you the opportunity to submerge yourself in Los Angeles’s history.

The most amazing part is that the majority of the collections at The Decor Art Gallery have been converted into high-resolution images. This allows visitors to really be able to see the detail in each photograph, making the entire experience a lot more interesting and engaging.

The Decor Art Galleries has a staggering amount of historic photographs of thousands of notable celebrities. On their website, you can search for photographs in many different categories. For example, some of the categories are Actors, Actresses, Award Shows, Behind the Scenes, Directors, Movies, Stars Dining, Stars Exercising, Stars & Pets, and Television. Once you click on one of the main categories, it breaks each one down into even more sub-categories to choose from.

The Decor Art Galleries has about one hundred and six different actors to choose from. Pictures range from Abbot and Costello and Paul Newman to Clint Eastwood and Frank Sinatra. There are ninety-one actresses to choose from. Those pictures range from Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe to Betty White and Lucille Ball.

When you browse categories such as Stars Dining, the sub-categories break down by restaurants in California. Categories such as Stars Exercising are broken down into sub-categories by type of exercise. For example, when you select bicycling as the exercise, you will find photographs of Audrey Hepburn, Bob Hope, and Elvis Presley bicycling.

The Location and Services of Decor Art Galleries

Décor Art Galleries is located on the well-known Ventura Boulevard. Decor Art Galleries sells art, photographs, and classic movie posters as well as custom framing of the finest quality. They offer clients the ability to have consultations with their design experts to figure out what will best suit the client’s space. The consultation also provides clients the opportunity to speak with the experts about their tastes and what they are most interested in purchasing. This can include the piece of art itself and the framing.

Thousands of vintage and historical images from privately-owned collections re-envisioned as art, not just history, are available in the Decor Art Galleries. They’re pre-framed and will be up in no time. These bright black and white photographs are ideal for any environment or décor. Stars and Pets are broken down into similar sub-categories, as they are organized by stars & dogs, stars & cats, and stars & horses. Some of the most notable photographs in this category are Elizabeth Taylor with a cat and Frank Sinatra with a dog. These are truly some very unique photographs of major stars.

Restaurants Around The Decor Art Galleries

If you visit the Decor Art Galleries and find yourself hungry afterward, there is no shortage of restaurants on Ventura Boulevard. There are quick options such as Panera Bread, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Starbucks, and Peet’s Coffee.

A few steps away, visitors can find a variety of other restaurants to choose from. There is Olive & Grill, Art’s Delicatessen, Rain Bar and Lounge, Beignet Box, and Yume Sushi Bar. Salt & Straw is an ice cream shop just steps away from The Decor Art Galleries for those looking for a sweet treat.

The Decor Art Galleries is definitely worth the trip. It will excite any movie, television, or history buff. Whether you are looking to purchase some vintage art, or are looking for a historical experience to view one-of-a-kind photographs of Hollywood’s biggest stars, the Decor Art Galleries will not disappoint!

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