About WHTC

WHTC was founded in 2007 when our founding matriarch’s mother was battling Breast Cancer.  She saw the medical benefits of Cannabis first-hand and knew she needed to end the stigma and make a difference in this industry. As an early Adopter and Female pioneer in the early stages of Cannabis retail, she has consistently been advocating for safe access to Cannabis as an outspoken member of multiple Cannabis Activist organizations. 

WHTC Dispensary in Studio City, CA
Inside WHTCLA in Studio City, CA

WHTC puts craft and quality first. Actively family ran by two generations, our focus has always been in providing our community with products we believe in and trust. We have never carried a product we didn’t do our due-diligence on, tried ourselves first, and truly believe in. Quality and effectiveness has always been of paramount importance because we started this to educate and help those in need.

What was your inspiration for launching?

Our beloved grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. Throughout her treatment, the drugs given to her to combat both the cancer and the side-effects from chemotherapy carried their own intense side-effects. As a result she wasn’t eating well, sleeping well, or comfortable at any time. We decided she should explore the cannabis options at the time which mainly consisted of tinctures, edibles, and flowers. The taboo and negative stigmas historically associated with cannabis at the time left her hesitant to try these options, but after feeling desperate in her condition she finally tried cannabis and noticeably felt far better. It helped her cope with the negative side effects of chemotherapy and keep an appetite throughout.

How did you come up with your name?

WHTC originally stood for Woodland Hills Treatment Center and was originally located in Woodland Hils, CA. We had an opportunity to relocate WHTC to Studio City while keeping our location compliant with the known cannabis zoning requirements at the time. In homage to our name and where we started, we never changed the name and just kept it as an acronym. But we have found many new inspired meanings behind it with the help of our patients, customers, and community. “We Help The Community” , “Wellness and Health Treatment Center”, “We Have The Chronic”, “ White House Treatment Center” and many more…

What were you hoping to give/add to your community by opening your shop?

We have always wanted to create safe-access to cannabis for our community, and help embed cannabis into the norm and societal fabric of our culture.

Our  motto has always been “Here to Help, Here to Heal.” We believe in cannabis and the good it can do. We have personally witnessed how it has so positively and directly impacted many people we meet.

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