Guide to Wilacre Park

For those who enjoy exercising and the great outdoors, visiting Wilacre Park is one of the top things to do in Studio City, California. Wilacre Park spans 128 acres and includes several trails such as the Betty B. Dearing Trail and Cross Mountain Park Trail system. The Cross Mountain Park Trail system leads to three different parks; Fry Canyon Park, Franklin Canyon Park, and Coldwater Canyon Park.

The top-rated trail in Wilacre Park is the Fryman Canyon Trail. This is the most popular trail as it offers a nice wide trail that is well kept and partially paved. The start of this trail is located at 3453 Fryman Road in Wilacre Park. There you will find the parking area for the trail. The parking area tends to fill up easily on busy days at peak times, so plan accordingly. In the parking lot, you will also find restrooms, a picnic area, and drinking fountains. The park and trails are also dog friendly, so be sure to bring your furry friend along.

Trail Conditions and Difficulty

Wilacre Park’s Fryman Canyon Trail is 2.6 miles long with an elevation of 456 feet. The average hiker completes the trail in about one hour and thirteen minutes. Hikers enjoy this trail because it offers a good workout while still being a beginner hike. It includes a little uphill climb at first but is not too intense. Hikers have reported that the trail is clearly marked and nicely lined with garbage bins for hikers to easily dispose of any waste.

At the top of the park, hikers will enjoy a stunning view of the whole Los Angeles area, Hollywood, and San Fernando Valley. The end of the hike actually takes you through a residential neighborhood. Other hikers suggest using a map or AllTrails to guide you back to the parking lot, as you will need to walk a few blocks to get back.

Park Management and Conservation

The Wilacre Park is managed by the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA). The MRCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and management of open space, wildlife habitat, coastal access, and trails in both rural and urban areas as well as the provision of public parkland and sea resources. The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (SMMC) and other local government partners collaborate with the MRCA to acquire parkland, take part in essential planning processes, focus on wildfire resilience, link wildlife habitats, and complete major park development projects. Every year, the organization helps thousands of high school students gain hands-on experience with natural resources and scientific research, as well as important regional planning services. Wilacre Park is one of the many environments that the Mountain Recreation and Conservation Authority manages.

Park Safety

When outdoors, it is always important to remember certain safety precautions. Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) goes above and beyond to ensure that all of its locations are adhering to appropriate safety measures. The MRCA has a Fire Division that works year-round to monitor the dry California vegetation for wildfire prevention. Wildfires are a major concern in the area due to the incredibly low moisture in the mountain and hillside vegetation. The MRCA actually employs its own wildland firefighters that are certified to the National Wildfire Coordinating Group standards. They even have their own firefighting equipment and almost all of their parks are equipped with foam, portable fire pumps, and plenty of stored water.

The Hiking Scene in Studio City

The hiking scene in Study City, California is very popular. Visitors and residents like to get away, without really getting away. Taking a step away from the action and into nature allows them to do so. Wilacre Park is one of several hiking areas in Studio City that visitors and residents enjoy. Dog-friendly trails and parks are especially popular. Since Wilacre Park is a dog-friendly park and has some breathtaking views, it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular places in Studio City.

If you are visiting Studio City and want to step away from the city and into nature, visit Wilacre Park. Wilacre Park is a great place to walk your dog, get some exercise, or enjoy some amazing views.

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