Guide to Warner Bros. Studios

Warner Bros. Studios is a major film production facility owned and operated by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. in Burbank, California. The studio has been operating under several names since its inception. First National Pictures constructed the 262-acre studio lot in 1926 as it expanded from a film distributor to a feature film producer. In 1928, Warner Bros. purchased a majority interest in First National Pictures and began relocating its productions to the Burbank site.

In 1937, 30 feet were added to Stage 7 and the stage was renamed Stage 16. They needed to expand the stage in order for it to become a 98-foot high stage with a 2-million-gallon water tank, one of the world’s largest. That stage has been used to film parts of The Goonies, The Perfect Storm, La La Land, and Dunkirk.

The backlot of the Warner Bros. Studio features a variety of settings, including New York Street, Hennessy Street, Midwest Street, and The Jungle. New York Street was constructed in 1930 and is utilized to represent other cities. It has previously been used in films like 42nd Street, Blade Runner, The Dark Knight, and on television shows such as Friends. Friends was actually filmed for ten years in the studio and ended up having an entire stage named after the show. After the Friends series finale, Stage 24 became “The Friends Stage”.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Visitors have the opportunity to tour the historic Warner Bros. Studios. The studio offers tours of their working facilities, as well as the backlot where many famous movies and television shows have been filmed.

The tour includes a visit to Stage 48: Script to Screen, which features interactive exhibits that show how a script is transformed into a film or television show. The tour also visits the backlot, where visitors can see sets from some of Warner Bros.’ most famous movies and TV shows, including Friends, Blade Runner, and The Dark Knight. The brand new grand finale will thrill fans of the DC Universe and Harry Potter’s Wizarding World with recreated sets, real props, costumes, and iconic photo ops.

Every studio tour stops at the following locations: the Soundstage, the Backlot, the Archive, the Picture Car Vault, and Stage 48. The Deluxe Tour includes breakfast and lunch, as well as a visit to the Costume Department and the Property Department.

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood is a great way to learn about the history of the studio and see how movies and TV shows are made. It is also a great way to see some of the famous sets and locations that have been used in many iconic films and TV shows.

Special Exhibits

The Warner Bros. Studio tours also host special exhibits for visitors. For Batman’s 75th Anniversary, they held special exhibits in the Archive and the Picture Car Vault. They had displays of props and costumes from every Batman movie produced by Warner Bros. Studio. In the Picture Car Vault, they displayed Batman cars and other Batmobiles. Every Halloween they have special exhibits, called Horror Made Here, that include props from movies such as Annabelle and The Exorcist. Another special exhibit was from the DC Universe that displayed props and costumes from Batman vs. Superman, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman. Depending on when you visit Warner Bros. Studio and take a tour, you have the chance to catch one of these amazing special exhibits.

Shopping & The Friends Cafe

The Warner Bros. Studio Store is the perfect place to find gifts for the movie and TV fan in your life. The store offers a wide selection of merchandise, including clothes, toys, collectibles, and more. The Friends Cafe is a great place to grab a bite to eat after touring the studio. The cafe offers a variety of food options, including sandwiches, salads, soups, and snacks. It is also a great place to shop for exclusive Friends merchandise including themed kitchenware and apparel. You will also find authentic costumes, props, and recreated sets of Central Perk, Chandler and Joey’s apartment, and Monica’s apartment. It is a great experience and photo opportunity for any Friends fan.

The Warner Bros. Studio offers a wide variety of history, entertainment, and fun for everyone. If you love movies and TV shows or would like to see how they are made, you will enjoy a visit to Warner Bros. Studio.

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