Guide to Studio City Farmers Market

One of the top things to do in Studio City is visiting the Studio City Farmers Market. Studio City Farmers Market is located on Ventura Place between Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Radford Avenue. You can find parking at the CBS parking garage located on Radford Avenue in the Chase Bank parking lot. Rain or shine, the farmers market is open every Sunday from 8 am to 1 pm. The Studio City Farmers Market is not dog friendly, but it is kid-friendly and offers fun activities for children.

The Studio City Residents Association and the Studio City Chamber of Commerce Foundation established the Studio City Farmers Market to provide locals with access to fresh produce and artisan foods and crafts from their own neighborhood. Vendors at the Market provide everything from grass-fed beef and fresh seafood to handcrafted breads, olive oils, honey, ready meals, fruits, and vegetables. The market offers breakfast options as well as hot meals to take away for lunch and dinner.

The market has become more than just a shopping destination; it’s also become a gathering location where families and friends may spend an afternoon together. There are tables available on the lawn across from the market and can be used for relaxation and enjoying some food and beverages.

Buying and selling locally is more essential than ever. According to statistics, if everyone in the United States ate just one meal each week made with locally produced meats, vegetables, and fruits, oil usage would be reduced by over 1.1 million barrels each week.


There is a large variety of vendors at the Studio City Farmers Market. They include farmers, hot food vendors, beverage vendors, packaged food vendors, bakers, and artisans. There are over forty farmers at the farmers’ market and their produce ranges from your typical fruits and vegetables to more exotic products such as truffles, figs, gourmet mushrooms, and local honey, cheeses, and meat. There are several plant and flower vendors such as, Devine Decor Orchids, Hector Venegas, Skyline Flowers, and Venegas Creek Roses.

Hot food vendors also offer an array of options from burritos and burgers to tamales and pizzas. Authentic Greek offers greek yogurts, moussaka, spinach pie, and lasagna. Tropical Islands Bacon Dogs offers bacon-wrapped hot dogs and Mama Musubi offers a Japanese delicacy, stuffed rice balls. Visitors can also find Indian cuisine and Salvadorean pupusas.

The Studio City Farmers Market has several beverage vendors that offer many options such as coffee, tea, organic juices, organic kombucha, and smoothies. Menos Fresh Squeeze Juices offers vegetable juices and Rancho Di Rigos offers fresh squeezes orange juice. Raw Cane Super Juices offers both smoothies and juices. Renew Juicery offers a variety of fresh almond milks. The market also has snow cones and Hawaiian Style Shaved Ice at Aunt Betty’s Shaved Ice and Ice Ice Shavie.

There are over twenty packaged food vendors at the farmers market. Blode Kuh offers vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free cheese spreads and yogurts. Coldwater Canyon Provisions sells pickles & jams and Domenico’s Artisanal Foods has pastas, sauces, and tapenades. Probiotic Boost sells kombucha, chicken & bone broth, pickles and teas. The Ultimate Meatball offers grass fed beed meatballs, organic turkey meatballs, and fresh marinara sauce. Other vendors offer nut butters, beef jerky, salad dressing, marinades, salsas, oils, vinegars, fresh fish, and much more.

There are a few bakeries at the farmers market including gluten-free and dairy-free options. There are also a few artisans such as Free Style Jewelry, displaying handmade jewelry, Karen’s Beautiful Soap, featuring soaps and lotions, and Sharper Edge, offering knife sharpening services.

Giving Back

The Studio City Farmers Market is a non-profit organization and is big on giving back to the community. Once all expenses are paid, proceeds from the market are donated back to the community. There are several different organizations that the market has donated to. Some of them include LA Family Housing, Cancer Control Society, Community Conservation Solutions, Hands of Hope, and many more.

The Studio City Farmers Market is a top place to visit in Studio City. You can spend all day shopping around the market and enjoying amazing locally sourced food while supporting small businesses. There is something for everyone and certainly offers entertainment for the entire family.

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