Guide to Scenic Coldwater Canyon Park

Near Studio City, California lies Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills. Visiting Coldwater Canyon Park is one of the top things to do near Studio City. It is located at 1100 North Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. The park has been open since July 1920 and extends over five and a half acres. Coldwater Canyon Park offers a beautiful and unique view as it is constructed over an 8,000,000-gallon reservoir. The park offers a synthetic jogging track, gorgeous scenery, and picnic tables for rent.

Park Amenities

Coldwater Canyon Park offers many different amenities for visitors to utilize.

There are two large picnic areas that offer shade and relaxation. Picnic areas need to be reserved and rented for all usage. To rent, you need to complete an application on the park’s website or you can visit in person at Beverly Hills City Hall. It costs thirty-six dollars for residents of Beverly Hills to rent and seventy-two dollars for non-residents to rent. The rental includes two picnic tables. Residents of Beverly Hills can reserve tables up to three months in advance. Non-residents can reserve tables up to one month in advance. The picnic tables can be used year-round between the hours of 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Coldwater Canyon Park also features a bike path, walking trails, and a synthetic jogging track. The trails offer leisure and ease. They are beginner trails that mostly end in neighborhoods or on main roads. There is also a relaxing stream to walk along on one side of the park. The park is not dog friendly, so keep that in mind before you bring your furry friends with you. There is also park security that monitors the park daily.

Sculptures and the Public Art Collection in Coldwater Canyon Park

The park also has some unique sculptures. There is the Woods Davy “Stillwater” art sculpture and Gwynn Murrill’s “Cougar III” bronze sculpture.

Coldwater Canyon Park added the Woods Davy “Stillwater” sculpture to the park in May of 2016. The piece was donated by a local family in Beverly Hills that had a deep love for art and family. This piece is a dedication to Carol Wiseman. The sculpture used to sit in the entryway of her home and now her family has donated it to Coldwater Canyon Park so it can welcome all into Beverly Hills. This sculpture is one of over sixty pieces of art on display throughout Beverly Hills that are a part of the Public Art Collection.

Gwynn Murrill’s “Cougar III” bronze sculpture is also located in Coldwater Canyon Park and sits upon a granite boulder. This sculpture is another piece that is a part of the Public Art Collection in Beverly Hills.

Coldwater Canyon Park Tips

Locals know that Coldwater Canyon Park is a very popular place for celebrity parents or their nannies. Celebrity parents often take their families to play at Coldwater Canyon Park or have their nannies bring their families there during the day. With that being said, where celebrities are present, you will also find paparazzi. Even though the park can create quite the celebrity buzz, it is still very peaceful and quiet.

Another Coldwater Canyon Park tip is that parking can be difficult on the weekends. Be sure to keep that in mind and plan accordingly when you visit. There is also another park with the same name nearby on Mulholland Drive, and it is closer to the valley. If you are meeting up with friends, make sure you are specifying where you are meeting with the correct Beverly Hills address for Coldwater Canyon Park at 1100 North Beverly Drive.

The Hiking Scene near Studio City

The hiking scene near Study City, California is extremely popular. When visitors or residents of the area start to feel like they need an escape from the hustle and bustle, they have several local parks to choose from that offer some solitude. Taking a break from the action and stepping into nature relaxes the mind and body.

It is important to remember that Coldwater Canyon Park is not dog friendly. There are several other park options near Studio City that are dog-friendly, but Coldwater Canyon Park is not one of them. Keep this in mind before you load your pet into the car and head toward one of the many parks in the area.

Coldwater Canyon Park is one of the most enjoyable things to do near Studio City. It offers beautiful scenery, relaxation, and outdoor activities all at one stop.

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