How to Celebrate 710 Day Like a Pro

710 Day, also known as Oil Day, is a significant event in the cannabis community, much like its predecessor, 420. However, it stands out for its particular focus on cannabis concentrates, an exciting realm of cannabis oils, waxes, and other forms that offer consumers a different, often more potent, way to enjoy cannabis.

710 Day: A Brief Overview

In the lexicon of cannabis culture, ‘710’ stands for the act of consuming cannabis oil products, including hash oil, sugar wax, and shatter. These concentrates provide an elevated experience when compared to conventional methods of smoking. As concentrates rise in popularity, there’s been a marked evolution in the cannabis community, with dab rigs and vape pens becoming essential tools for enthusiasts.

The inception of 710 Day is rooted in the early 2010s, thanks to the initiative of hip-hop artist TaskRok. The term 710 was conceived during a virtual dab session in a TinyChat chat room in 2010, where TaskRok and other key figures from the cannabis scene were present. They cleverly flipped the word “oil,” resulting in the creation of “710.”

The first mention of 710 in a public forum was on TokeCity on July 10th, 2011. This was soon followed by a more comprehensive definition on Urban Dictionary and a post on in 2012. By 2013, the term 710 had penetrated mainstream media, featured in an LA Weekly article.

How to Celebrate Dab Day Like a Pro

Diving into the festive vibes of 710 Day is all about immersing oneself in the world of cannabis concentrates. Traditional revelries typically center around dabbing — utilizing a dab rig to heat and breathe in the concentrated essence of cannabis. Vape pens, purpose-built for cannabis oils, become trusty sidekicks for many on this day.

However, contemporary festivities have broadened the scope. Consumption now covers everything from infused pre-rolls and edibles crafted from cannabis oil to the much-adored moon rocks. And let’s not overlook the grand communal gatherings that have become a 710 hallmark. From National Dab Day to Oregon’s Camp Sesh and the vivacious local dispensary get-togethers, organizations celebrate 710 Day with flair and passion.

But let’s cut to the chase and provide you with a straightforward list of must-haves for your International Dab Day celebration:

  • Dab Rig: This is your 710 Day pièce de résistance. Dab rigs are engineered to amplify the flavors and vapor production from your chosen cannabis concentrates.
  • Nail or E-nail: Each dab rig requires an attachment to heat your concentrates. Traditional nails are crafted from materials like titanium, quartz, or ceramic and necessitate a blow torch. Meanwhile, e-nails allow you to adjust the temperature for optimal flavor and impact.
  • Torch: A dependable torch is essential for heating your nails.
  • Dabber: A dabber tool, typically made of metal, aids in delicately placing the concentrate onto the nail or e-nail.
  • Carb Cap: A carb cap serves a dual purpose. It regulates airflow and helps preserve the concentrate by trapping heat.
  • Recycler: Recyclers maintain a water flow in your rig, leading to cooler vapor hits. It’s an asset for an enjoyable experience but only indispensable if you want to elevate your dabbing experience.
  • Vape Pens: For those who favor subtlety or prefer to vape on the move, select a pen that allows you to discreetly savor your cannabis oils.
  • Extracts/Concentrates: Discover the variant that best aligns with your taste — oil, wax, shatter, budder, badder, sugar wax, or hash. Depending on your leaning, any of these cannabis products can be utilized in a dab rig.

Remember, beyond this guidance, the charm of 710 Day lies in its personalization.

Safe & Responsible Consumption First

Celebrating 710 Day is more than just a merry festivity; it’s a respectful nod to the potent prowess of concentrates and a commitment to their responsible consumption. If you’re a newcomer to the dabbing scene, take it easy, acclimate yourself to your dab rig safely, and always remain conscious of your consumption. Remember, the elevated potency of concentrates dictates that a modicum can deliver a significant punch.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure your dabbing escapade is both safe and satisfying:

  • Dab Moderately: When it comes to dabbing, less is often more. Start with small amounts.
  • Prioritize Quality Gear: Opt for reliable, high-quality equipment. It not only enhances your dabbing experience but also contributes to safer use.
  • Recognize Your Boundaries: Concentrates pack a punch, so understanding your limits and proceeding at a leisurely pace is vital.
  • Choose Your Strains Wisely: High levels of THC can induce intense psychoactive effects. Hence, pick a strain that aligns well with your tolerance levels.
  • Mind Your Environment: Ensure you’re in a secure and comfortable space to enjoy your sesh and ensure it’s well-ventilated. Dabbing in confined spaces can be risky.
  • Fuel Up: Have your favorite snacks and plenty of water on hand. Besides satisfying potential munchies, it’s crucial to stay hydrated and nourished.

And remember, while the excitement of International Dab Day may be infectious, it’s crucial to understand and respect the legal status of cannabis in your area. As the wave of cannabis legalization swells, it’s key to remain within legal parameters as you revel in your holiday.

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From its origins with TaskRok to being celebrated as International Dab Day, 710 Day has become a cornerstone of the cannabis community. As we acknowledge this holiday, let’s remember to consume responsibly, appreciate the innovative spirit of the cannabis culture, and, most importantly, enjoy the celebration. After all, this holiday belongs to the community. Whether you’re taking advantage of the legal market offerings or simply taking the day to enjoy cannabis in a new way, remember to do it safely and joyfully.

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