February, 2021

Month of Love

With Valentine’s Day being at the heart of the month we want to spread the love with fun and savings throughout our menu for the ENTIRE month of February.

Discounted Prices



Lemon Daze

Terra Herer

Strawberry Blonde

Orange Jasmine

Cherry Lavender


Purple Nepal OG

Terra Haze

Terra Reserve

Altitude OG



Terra Mints

Terra OG

Cake Batter OG

Pure Kush


Josh D x Jacobs Ladder – $89.99

Terra OG (7-Gram) – $94.99

More Sales:


TimesTwo Products – $19.50
Citizens Choice $8.99 per pre-roll
Gramys $8.99 per gram
Foria Pleasure 10ml – $36
Foria Relief 4 Pack – $32
Punch Edibles Cookie Delight – White Chocolate with Chocolate Cookie Bar 90mg – $12
Dr. Norm’s – Red Velvet Cookies Bag 100mg – $16
Kush Queen Bath Bomb – Love 1:1 CBD:THC – $12
Kush Queen Bath Bomb – Sleep 1:1 CBD:THC – $11

Times Two Pre-Rolled Joints

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